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The Sidebar – EP 12 – The Ramblers Play “The Iron Man Quiz”

Tonight, we talk some Wrestling News and we play The Iron Man Quiz with our special guest host @JackWannan

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WWE Monday Raw Recap Mar.10.2014


Show: Raw

Date: Mar.10.2014

Author: ME, Cade Carnage

Venue: FedExForum, Memphis, TN

Welcome my WarGods to yet another spectacular, amazing, entertaining and adrenaline pumping episode of Raw.. That is, until Batista comes out and ruins it for everyone…. What a jackass!

With Triple H not yet deciding to accept Daniel Bryans challenge at WrestleMania XXX, will tonight be the breaking point? Undertaker is scheduled to return and address Brock Lesner, The Shield continues with their breakup, will the NAO get revenge for losing the titles against the Usos, and Hogan returns yet again to address the WWE Universe.. BROTHER!

So without further Apu:

Let’s begin this stomach popping, bowl moving, tears of joy verbal catastrophe!

Raw starts once again with the immortal Hulk Hogan! He didn’t receive as loud of a pop he received before, but it was still good. Once the music died down, the Hogan chants could be heard.. Hogan begins telling the Universe how everyone has been welcoming him back, and when he has free time, he could watch the WWE Network reliving his career. Once again more advertising for the WWE Network, as Hogan recalls the moment he lifted Andrew the Giant and scoop slammed him at WrestleMania 3. He introduces a match in memory of Andre and says that there will be a 30 man Battle Royal called the Andrew the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania, and whoever wins gets a trophy of in memory of Andre the Giant.

After the trophy was shown on the titon-tron, Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring happy and smiling and obviously not injured. Cena gets a mixed reaction and grabs the mic, he tells Hogan that he still rules and welcomes him home to the WWE.

He continues telling Hogan that this is where he belongs and that it is unbelievable that Hulkamania is back.

He repeats the 30-man battle royal in memory of Andre the Giant that Hogan just mentioned and that when he was small he used to be a Hulkamaniac. Cena tells Hogan that he will be first man in that match and will compete for that trophy! As the crowd boo’s at that thought, the lights go out and the Wyatt’s music hits. Bray and the Wyatt’s make their way to the ring with the crowd clapping to the rhythm as Cena and Hogan remain standing in the ring.

Bray sits at his rocking chair and tells the audience that pride is his very favorite sin. He spews the usual “eat your vitamins” Hulk Hogan saying to the audience in a mocking fashion. He points to Cena and Hogan and call them liars. Filling everyone with hope, but hope is dead; just like Cena’slegacy. Bray tells Cena that “if you look up at me, you’re a friend. If you look down at me, you’re an enemy. You look me straight in the eye, and I’m a god”. Cena tells Bray that it’s not a god he says, but a homeless person who’s been wasting away, and was able to collect two goonies, and a cracker barrel wheel chair. Cena turns to Hogan and tells him that he won’t make that Battle Royal because he challenges Bray at WrestleMania. Bray says something about more lies and by the end of his comments he sends Erick and Luke to the ring. They make their way to the apron where in the ring Hogan and Cena stand together looking down at the challengers, as we cut to commercials.

We come back to commercial with Erick close lining Cena to the mat. We now have a match.

Erick Rowan vs. John Cena

Erick pins Cena for a 2 count, and locks in a head lock with his fists. Cena manages to make his way to his feet but gets stopped by Erick and slammed to the mat for another 2 count. Erick stomps and punches away on Cena’s head. He goes for an elbow drop but Cena rolls away. He punches Erick and runs the ropes for a cross body, but Erick catches him and throws him behind him into the corner. Cena gets back to his feet and gets close lined by Erick against the turnbuckles. Erick pins Cena for a 2 count, and tries for another corner close line. Cena rolls away and runs the ropes but once again gets caught by Erick Rowan into a bear hug. Hogan who stands at Cena’s side at ringside gets the audience on Cena’s side. Cena begins getting momentum but Erick slams his forearm against Cena’s back and suplexes taking Cena down. Erick tries for another but Cena counters and rolls Erick up for the 1..2..3!

Winner: John Cena

After the match Hogan comes in to celebrate and stare down the Wyatt’s. Bray angered by the loss sends Luke and Erick at the apron once again. The crowd are getting excited to hopefully watch Hogan fight. Bray calls them back and the audience boo in disapproval. Bray yells something at Cena and the Wyatt’s walk off.

Hogan in the ring does his usual taunts to each side of the ring. Cena looks on like a small child seeing his first set of boobs.

Hogan calls on for Cena to join him and both taunt the crowd as Hulkamania usually does.


Announcers: Announce that the audience can vote for Christian vs Sheamus match for later. Undertaker will also be on later and Big Show& Daniel Bryan will face Batista & Randy Orton.


Backstage: The Authority is heading to the ring to address last week’s Raw.


On Stage Promo: Triple H music hits and the Authority stands on the ramp to address the universe. Stephanie says that last week Daniel viscously attacked her husband and that his actions are grounds for termination. But as gracious as they are the Authority will not fire him. She apologizes to the audience and that Bryan being a B+ player should apologize to the Authority. She keeps putting Bryan down and says that Triple H is bigger than Daniel Bryan in almost every way, literally. She continues saying that if Bryan doesn’t apologize there will be severe consequences. The New Age Outlaws music hits.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn’s music hits and they make their way to the announcers table to watch the next match.

Ryback & Curtis Axel vs The Usos

A small video is shows with Ryback entering his name in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

The match starts with Ryback and Jimmy Uso. Jimmy delivers a few slaps to Ryback’s chest and pushes Ryback against the ropes delivering an arm drag take down. Ryback manages to push Jimmy in the corner and tags in Curtis Axel. Axel comes in but a hard punch takes him to the ground. Axel manages to get the upper hand and throw Jimmy against the ropes head first. Ryback tags in and slams Jimmy for the 2 count, and tags in Axel right after. Axel locks in a choke hold until Jimmy fights out and tags in Jey Uso. Jey comes in swinging, taking Axel down with a leg kick. He slides to Ryback who was trying to come in and punches him off the apron. Jey super kicks Axel into the corner, and delivers a running hip attack. Jey runs the ropes and jumps over the topes landing on Ryback on the outside. He tags in Jimmy on the apron as he was jumping over the ropes. Jimmy heads to the top rope and deliver a cross body slam on Axel for the 1..2..3!

Winner: The Usos


Backstage: Kane talks to the Shield about what they’ve been doing. Walking Off, Abandoning each other, and spewing their dirty little secrets on Smackdown .Kane tells them that he will light a fire under them to see how strong they are. He gives a tag match to Seth and Roman against the Rhodes Brothers. Seth asks if this is about the Shield or if Kane is upset of being pinned twice by Daniel Bryan. Kane yells that them to focus. The Shield threatens Kane that their focused and that they could take out any demon. Believe in the Shield.


Big E vs. Jack Swagger

Zeb and Cesaro are at ringside. The bell rings and Swagger tells Cesaro on the outside “I got this”. Big E and Swagger clinch up and Swagger takes him into the corner. He delivers a few hits and a hard shoulder. Big E manages to fight back and throws Swagger in the opposite corner and delivers a corner spear. Big E connects another one and climbs the ropes punching Swagger in the head. Swagger counters by slamming Big E against the mat and locks in an arm lock. A small video is shows of Big E entering the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Back in the ring Big E fights out of the arm lock but gets caught by a big boot in the face by Swagger. Big E fights back running the ropes and connecting a few close lines and connects a belly-to-belly. He goes for his body splash but Swagger gets up and spears his knee. He distracts the ref expecting Cesaro to attack Big E on the apron. Cesaro doesn’t do anything, and Swagger eventually goes to him asking “What’s your problem!” Big E comes from behind and rolls him up for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Big E

After the match Swagger and Cesaro get face-to-face at ringside. Both Cesaro and Swagger complain to Zeb telling him “It’s his fault!” Zeb finally having enough of this rips his coat off and tells Swagger & Cesaro to shake hands. They do but Cesaro holds a hard grip and lets it go as Swagger asks him to because it hurts…


Announcers: Undertaker comes out next! And the universe can vote for Sheamus’ and Christians’ match later. Options will be: Falls Count anywhere, 2 out 3 falls, or a Memphis street fight.


The cameras face the ramp area as the bell tolls and the lights go out. Welcome Undertaker!

In Ring Promo: Undertaker stands in the middle of the ring as the Undertaker chants begin from the audience. All of a sudden Paul Heyman comes out standing on the entrance area. He apologises for disturbing Undertakers moment, but he is Paul Heyman and the advocate for Brock Lesner. Heyman continues saying that Undertaker preserves the greatest streak in sports entertaining. Heyman gives an example of the greatness of 21-0. HBK never had 2 wins n a row, HHH never had 3, Hulk Hogan never had more then 4, Austin had wins 4, and Cena had 4 wins also. But out of everyone, Undertaker has had 21 consecutive victories in 21 WrestleMania matches. Heyman keeps uplifting Undertakers stature and that he has become a deity of wrestling and for that reason he asks Undertaker to not step in the ring against Brock Lesner. He admits Lesner is stepping into an unknown abyss at WrestleMania, but Lesner isn’t worried; it’s Undertaker who needs to worry about the unknown strength of Brock Lesner. At WrestleMania, Brock Lesner will break the streak.

Undertaker than starts speaking, telling Heyman to send a message to Brock. A fear of death is greater than death itself; but the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. If Brock shows up at New Orleans he will rest in peace.


Announcers: Main Event this Wednesday there will be two championship matches. Dean Ambrose vs Mark Henry for the US title, and Natalya vs AJ for the Diva’s title.


Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

Seth and Cody start things off quick. Seth pulls Cody into the corner and delivers a gut kick and forearms to Cody’s back. Seth stomps away on Cody until the ref pushes him away. He tries for a suplex, but Cody counters and holds Seth up for 8 seconds dropping him on his stomach. Cody pins for a 2 count, and tags in Goldust. He drops a forearm to Seth’s face and tries to get him back to his feet. Seth counters and takes Goldust to the corner. He delivers an elbow to Goldust’ gut and runs to the opposite corner. Goldust counters with a back body drop and tags in Cody Rhodes. Cody comes in throwing Seth into the corner. He tries to throw him out of the corner by his legs, but Seth counters with a flip and throws Cody’s face into the turnbuckle. Seth tags in Roman Reigns who close lines Cody and drags his forearm again his face. Roman tags in Seth Rollins who climbs the ropes and punches Cody in the gut. He drops a forearm to Cody and locks in a neck lock. Seth goes to the Shields corner and tags in Roman. Roman throws Cody in the corner, and goes for a cross body. Cody side steps and tags in Goldust. Goldust comes in close lining Roman and kicking Seth off the apron. He ducks a close line attempt by Roman and delivers a hard punch to his throat. Goldust climbs the ropes and flips off them landing on Roman and Seth who climbed into the ring. Roman & Seth get thrown to the outside and Goldust climbs to the apron. Cody runs from inside the ring and jumps on Roman as Goldust jumps off the apron landing on Seth. We cut to commercials as Dean Fights with himself to not attack Cody Rhodes.

We come back to Goldust fighting out of a neck lock. Roman stops the momentum and suplexes Goldust for a 2 count. As Goldust gets back to his feet Roman lands a hard throat punch taking Goldust down. Seth tags in locks in a choke hold stopping the action for a breather. As Goldust fights back the audience begins the CM Punk chants. Goldust goes to the corner where Seth connects a cross body and tags in Roman. Goldust hangs on the bottom rope allowing Roman to deliver his dropkick from the outside to the apron. Roman, Seth, and Dean laugh at Goldust saying that he aint going no-where. Goldust fights back to his feet but Roman stops him with a quick elbow to the head. He tags in Seth who delivers a close line and pins for the 2 count. Seth locks in an arm lock but Goldust fights out with a few punches to the head. But Seth being so quick delivers a hard kick to the head and tags in Roman Reigns. Roman throws Goldust into the corner and delivers a few punches and head buts until the ref pushes him away. Roman runs and connects a corner close line and goes for another. Goldust explodes out and delivers a scoop slam allowing him time to breath. Seth tags in and tries to stop Goldust from reaching the corner but to no avail. Cody tags in and quickly turns the tide. Cody dropkicks Seth and delivers a hard close line. He connects his throat punches and takes Seth to the mat. Cody delivers a disaster kick to Roman on the apron. Seth tries to advance but Cody elbows him away. He climbs the ropes and performs a moonsault pinning Seth for the 2 count. Roman comes in stopping the count. Goldust follows taking Roman out of the ring, but Seth pushes Goldust out. Cody tries for the cross roads on Seth but he counters with a rollup only to be hit with a hard kick. Roman runs in to spear Cody but Goldust gets in the way and gets the Spear connected to him instead. Cody throws out Roman, and tries for a disaster kick on Seth. Seth catches Cody in a power bomb and throws him against the turnbuckles. He runs the ropes and connects his head stomp for the 1..2..3!

Winners: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns


The Bella Twins vs Tamina and AJ Lee (Natalya at Announcers table)

Winner: The Bella Twins


Announcers: Show us a sneak peak of NCIS Los Angelis. After the sneak peak, Renee is in the audience interview Chris O’donnel and LL Cool J. Talk here and there about the show and the action so far… Wow, boring.

The announcers end the segment by reminding us the main event, Daniel Bryan & Big Show vs. Batista & Randy Orton, sort of an Evolution reunion; even though Batista was partnered with Ric Flair instead of Randy Orton.


Announcers: They show us articles related to the WWE Network and how much of a buzz it’s been getting. In addition they show us the recap from earlier tonight when Hulk Hogan and Cena got interrupted by Bray Wyatt.


In Ring Promo: Daniel Bryan’s music hits and the YES YES YES chants begin!

Daniel grabs a mic and says that the YES movement is live at Tennessee. He repeats the segment earlier where Stephanie apologized. Daniel asks the crowd if it was sincere, where the crowd chanted NO NO NO. He continues by saying that the authority is scared and that Daniel should have kicked Triple H in the face earlier. Daniel says that he is going to fight when Triple H gets others to attack him and when he himself attacks Bryan from behind. Bryan will fight and never back down, and tonight on Raw is where it ends. He says that everyone is tired of it, and that tonight the YES movement is in effect and that their going to occupy Raw. Bryan will not leave the ring until he gets what he wants, which is a match with Triple H at WrestleMania. Bryan is not alone, and that he will fill the ring with the YES movement crowd. Random people begin climbing into the ring wearing Daniel Bryan shirts as Daniel yells “We Will Not Give up, We Will Not Surrender!” and we cut to commercials.

We come back to the full ring, and ringside filled with over 100 fans and chanting YES YES YES! Bryan yells that they can’t ignore us forever. The YES chants continue as the Authority walk to the entrance to a rowdy crowd. The audience begins a NO chant which gets on the nerves of Triple H.

Triple H congrats Daniel on his own Occupy Raw Movement and while everyone is happy, reality will come crashing down on you. He threatens that everyone has 30 seconds to leave the ring area before he gets them arrested. He gives them 30 seconds to leave, but all they do is chant NO. He calls security but Daniel than claims that if everyone leaves, they’ll head to the parking area; make their own ring and WWE can have RAW in an empty arena. Two security guards come out and are asked to clear the ring by the Authority. Obviously this doesn’t work, and Steph yells at them to DO THEIR JOB! She tries to explain that Daniel is manipulating everyone. Daniel says that the Authority doesn’t own anything and that everyone in the ring owns this RING!

The crowd goes crazy and Triple H says that this ends. He calls on for the music to hit. Damien Sandow music hits and he makes his way to a wall of YES Movements fans chanting NO. Daniel calls for him to come in but Sandow decides against it and walks away. The Authority come back down and argues with Damien to go back. Steph grabs the mic and begins yelling at Daniel and the crowd to get out; literally to a point where her veins were going to pop. Triple H pulls her back to calm down. Daniel yells that Triple H either gives them the match or Raw will remain under YES Movement. Triple H says that he tried to protect Daniel Bryan but if he wants everything to end, he got it! Triple H and Daniel Bryan for WrestleMania! Everyone is going nuts and the Authroity begin walking away. Daniel calls them back because he didn’t clarify. Daniel didn’t just want a match, but a chance at the WWE World Heavyweight Champonship match. Rady Orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan if he beats Triple H. Hunter irate rips the jacket off ad runs towards the ring. The two security guards from earlier stop Triple H and push him back at the entrance area. Hunter yells at Daniel that he got it, everything; the match and title belt.. NOW GET OUT! The segment ends with the YES chants and Triple H being carried away.


Jerry introduces the votes for the Sheamus and Christian Match, which is: Memphis Street Fight with 67%.

Sheamus vs. Christian (Memphis Street Fight)

The ring gets surrounded by instruments and objects. The bell rings and both attack each other. Sheamus gets the upper hand and throws a few hard punches and takes Christian to the corner. Christian counters and throws his own punches until he gets close lined over the top rope to the outside. Sheamus follows and throws Christian against the barricade and announcers table. Sheamus puts Christian against the steel pole and tries to hit him with the guitar. Christian ducks and connects a guitar against Sheamus’ gut and throws him through another guitar. Sheamus fights back and throws Christian against the steel steps. They fight their way up the ramp area. Sheamus lifts Christian on his shoulder and appears to throw Christian off the ramp, but he counters and throws Sheamus off instead. Christian goes to the entrance area and jumps off the stage connecting a spinning DDT to Sheamus on the outside against the concrete floor.. We cut to commercials as two refs come out to attend to both competitors.

We come back to Sheamus running shoulder first to the steel post. Christian goes to the outside and grabs the kendo stick. He climbs back into the ring and hits Sheamus in the gut, back, legs, arms, shoulders, and everywhere you could imagine. Christian pins for a 2 count, and grabs the Kendo again. He hits him a few more times but Sheamus counters and takes the Kendo stick out of his hands. Sheamus pushes Christian against the ropes but gets countered as Christian close lines him. He heads to the outside again and grabs another Kendo Stick. He climbs the top rope and tries to hit Sheamus but he connects a punch to his gut and takes Christian down. By this point the welts on Sheamus start showing. Christian tries for an arm drag but Sheamus counters and gets pissed; connecting a close line, High knee, corner spear, and a double under hook slam. Sheamus grabs the Kendo Stick and tries to attack but Christian connects a big boot and climbs the ropes. He goes for a cross body but gets caught by Sheamus and rolled into his rolling slam. Sheamus grabs the kendo and beats away on Christian giving him large welts. He connects the white noise and pins for the 2 count. Sheamus goes for Brogue Kick but Christian rolled to the outside. Sheamus follows and throws him against the steel post and connects a backbreaker off of the steel steps. He throws Christian back inside and begins throwing chairs, and a base drum into the ring. He places the drum in the corner and tries to throws Christian in it. Christian counters and grabs a chair slamming Sheamus in the back. He plants the chairs on Sheamus’ chest and climbs the top rope connecting a frog splash onto Sheamus and the chairs. Christian pins and gets a 2 count. Christian grabs the snare drum and tries to go for Sheamus but a fast Brogue kick goes through the drum and against Christians head. Sheamus pins for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Sheamus


Backstage: Brad Maddox addresses Batista and Orton that the Authority had left the building. They wanted Brad to deliver a message and that The Authority wants Batista and Orton to put things aside and act like A+ players and take out Big Show and Daniel Bryan. Orton agrees that he will, Batista says nothing and walks away.


Stage Promo: Lana come out saying things in Bulgarian and introduces Alexander Rusev. He climbs his podium and takes the mic. He himself says things in Bulgarian and then ends it saying his own name.. Good for him!


Titon-tron: Bray comes on the titon tron saying that he’s not of this world. And that earlier It was like seeing John’s future as Hogan stood by him in the ring. Bray asks John if he sees himself in Hogan, or even in Bray himself. Claiming that he is as much of a monster; Bray’s no monster. It’s what other sees him as. A monster, or a smiling child, It doesn’t mind Bray Wyatt will be it! Bray accepts the challenge at WrestleMania XXX and sings himself out of frame. Erick comes into view with his goat mask and whispers “Run.”


Big Show & Daniel Bryan vs. Batista & Randy Orton

Bryan will go against Randy Orton to start with. Orton begins with allot of punches to the head and tries to take out Bryan quickly. Daniel quickly fights back with his own punches and retreats to the ropes. Orton runs after him but Daniel pulls the ropes down and takes Orton to the outside. Daniel runs the ropes and connects his suicide dive to Orton on the outside. He climbs back into the ring and starts the YES chants as we cut to commercials.

We come back to Daniel locking in a neck lock on Randy Orton. Orton gets back to his feet and connects a knee to the gut and Orton tags in Batista. Batista comes in stomping on Bryans head and driving his shoulder against Daniels gut in the corner. He Irish whips him in the same corner and connects a running spear. He hangs Daniel against the ropes and drives his forearm against Daniels mid section. Batista drags him to the corner and tags in Randy Orton. Daniel fights back on his knees and connects a European uppercut to Orton and runs the ropes. Orton counters into a power slam and stomps on Daniels arm. Orton tags in Batista who connects a suplex and drags Daniel on the apron and to the outside. Batista connects a spine buster on Daniel against the apron. He throws him back into the ring and whips him into the corner. Daniel lifts a boot and stuns Batista and tries to take advantage but only to be stopped by a hard close line. Orton tags in and Batista holds Bryan as Orton throws a punch against Daniels gut. Orton stomps on Daniel and misses a dropping knee and tags in Batista. Daniel manages to get to his corner and tags in Big Show to absolutely hardly any noise from the crowd. Big Show comes in delivering a close line to Batista and running into him in the corner. Orton comes on the apron and tries to attack hanging Big Show against the ropes making him turn into a leg spear by Batista. Orton tags in and stomps away Big Show and tags in Batista. Batista tries for a big boot but Show catches it and slaps his chest. Batista stumbles back but comes back with a direct spear taking Show off his feet. Batista calls for the power bomb but gets countered allowing Big Show to tag out. Batista tags out and Bryan comes in, delivering his top rope back flip, close line combo to Orton. He dropkicks Batista off the apron and connects his chest kicks to Orton followed by a side head kick. He pins but only gets a 2 count. He heads to the top rope and jumps for his head drop but Orton moves out of the way and rolls him up for the 2 count. Daniel counters into the YES lock but gets broken up by Batista. Show comes back in and connects a side head kick, but turns into the RKO by Randy Orton. Orton waits for Bryan to get back to his feet. Bryan gets up but side steps a spear by Batista taking him into Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan connects his running knee to Batista and goes after Orton who struggled to the corner. Orton counters a running dropkick and connects his elevated rope DDT. He goes for the RKO again but Daniel counters into a backslide for a 2 count. Both get back to their feet. Daniel ducks a close line attempt and connects his running knee against Orton’s head for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Daniel Bryan vs Big Show


Raw ends with Daniel leading the YES chants..

That was actually a pretty interesting Raw. The OccupyRaw was awesome and the fact that we almost saw Stephanie’s vein pop from her head was also awesome. Triple H and Steph have great chemistry when their pissed. Anyways Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H at mania is a go, and if Bryan wins he gets to be a part of the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania XXX. So it’s obvious that Daniel will be the champion following WretleMania, right?

Let me know!

Thank you for reading, and as always:

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

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