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Smash This Podcast | WWE Releases Emma, Summer Rae & Darren Young

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Colt Cabana Reacts To His First WWE Release & More


— WWE NXT Diva Veronica Lane is still out of action due to a leg injury she suffered several months ago. Lane and her boyfriend were spotted at Wednesday night’s ESPN ESPY awards in Los Angeles, CA.

— While doing media for Hercules this week, The Rock made a stop in San Francisco to film a scene for San Andreas. The local NBC affiliate reports that neighbors and businesses in the neighborhood complained about streets being closed for filming but permits were still issued.

— Colt Cabana recently spoke with Rick Nash of the Low Blows podcast regarding the day he got the call that he was fired from WWE as “Scotty Goldman”:

“It was a bummer. I was having lunch with Trent Berreta & Tyson Kidd when I got the call. It was awkward for them I think when I told them. I definitely saw it coming as they weren’t really using me that well, but the reality of the situation was a total bummer.”

Drew McIntyre Won’t Be Happy Unless He’s a “Big Brand”

Drew McIntyre recently spoke with The UK Daily Record about his WWE departure. McIntyre says he will be back:

“I guess I was annoyed, now I’m just fired up. I have an opportunity to be the biggest wrestler outside of the WWE and I won’t be happy unless I’m a big brand. It’s not a case of if I’ll be back with the WWE, it’s a case of when. It was a shock because I was already booked to continue performing on TV and touring all over the world.”

Drew was also asked if the 2010 problems with ex-wife Taryn Terrell hurt his standing with WWE. He replied:

“There are always behind-the-scenes politics in any job. I pride myself on being a nice guy and hope the things that have been blown way out of proportion didn’t hurt me and my career. A lot of what you hear and see on the internet is nonsense. A lot of people are really vocal about my talent – and that’s what’s most important.”

Jinder Mahal Speaks About His WWE Release and Future.


In an interview with SLAM! Wrestling, Jinder Mahal spoke about his WWE release. He revealed that he will be using his name of Raj Singh, which he used in Calgary before he was signed by WWE.

On his release: “I was surprised, because we were pretty well booked on everything. We were on a lot of the live events, a lot of the overseas tours. We were always on Raw and Smackdown, and if we weren’t, we would do Superstars or Main Event in the week. So yeah, I was surprised.”

On his plans for the future: “I want to keep wrestling. I’m still young and I would like to go back to WWE someday and accomplish things that I never got to do, work with people that I never got to work with.”

On working with Drew McIntyre: “Me and Drew are taking bookings together. Yeah, there is a lot of interest because we’re fresh off TV, and we were tag teaming on TV, and we spent a fair amount of TV time together. There’s no limit. We want to wrestle everywhere, all over the world. We’re excited, both young and hungry. We both want to work our tails off and some day, one day, get back to the WWE.”

He added that he hopes to show fans a side of himself that he wasn’t able to show in WWE. He said he’s open to appearing in Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The Miz Talks WWE’s Recent Talent Releases

In a recent interview with Philly.com, to promote WWE’s upcoming live event in Philadelphia this Sunday, WWE star The Miz had the following to say regarding the recent talent cuts:

“That’s the nature of business,” he said. “In any business, people get fired and people get hired, so you just got to take it with a grain of salt and know that they’re talented enough as individuals that they’ll be able to do whatever they pursue after the WWE.

Everyone would be doing it if it wasn’t tough, so absolutely it’s tough, but it’s something you have to do deal with and you have to go through and you just keep trucking along,” he added. “I know those people that got released aren’t going to tell me, ‘Well, you should come with me.’ They’re going to be like, ‘Dude, go steal the show, go be as amazing as possible and I’m going to go do my thing and be as amazing as possible.’ I think that’s the mentality.”

What’s Up With 3MB Now?, Tamina Snuka Injury Update

— With the recent WWE releases of Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater came out with Hornswoggle during the weekend WWE live events. They used the 3MB theme song and wound up losing to El Torito and Diego of the Los Matadores.

— In an update on WWE Diva Tamina Snuka following ACL (knee) surgery several weeks ago, she seems to be doing much better already as she’s back in the gym doing some light training. Also, she tweeted the following over the weekend:

“Thank you to all who have supported me and showed so much #LoveAndCare #OnTheRoad2Recovery”

Brodus Clay Talks About His WWE Departure, Marcus “Buff” Bagwell Arrested Last Week


– Brodus Clay recently appeared on The RCRW Show and talked about his WWE release:

“I was driving to go train at Hard Knox. I got a phone call and they were like, “I think you know why we are calling.” I am like, “ok.” We discussed a few things and I thanked them for their time. We parted ways and that was it. Then I looked online and on Twitter and it started blowing up. So I made a statement and as far as I was concerned, I was going to finish my day. I did not want people to be all negative and all like, “I am so sorry.” There is people that had really bad mornings and I wasn’t one of them. I had one of the greatest jobs in the world, but that is not the end of the world. There’s people out that don’t know if their child is going to make it out of the hospital or not. Also may not know where their next meal is coming from. There is people that had some bad days. Like nobody wants to lose their job. They way I look at it. You can break bread or play dead. Only you can close doors or burn bridges. I don’t think I have done anything to do that.”


– According to reports former WCW Wrestler Marcus “Buff” Bagwell was arrest this past Monday in his home state of Georgia. No other details are available yet. Bagwell was previously arrested back in July of 2012 on charges of reckless driving.

The Fired WWE Talents & What They Can Do


After the latest round of WWE releases, Teddy Long is reportedly the only former WWE talent who is free to do what he wants, in terms of working for another wrestling promotion. Long’s contract ran out, and he opted not to re-sign.

The other talents that were released have the oft-reported 90 day no-compete clause in their WWE contracts. So they cannot work for another wrestling company until September 12. For example, Brodus Clay and Curt Hawkins are both scheduled to work an upcoming Pro Wrestling Syndicate event on September 20, after the expiration date of the no-compete agreement.

Backstage Update – More WWE Releases On The Way?


While WWE could be planning more cuts from the company, there is nothing to indicate backstage that more releases will take place.

Previously, Jim Ross and several others within the company speculated that more wrestlers and office employees could be released.

Smith Hart Reacts To The Recent WWE Releases & More

In a new Pro Wrestling Mania blog, Smith Hart (Natalya Neidhart’s uncle, Bret Hart’s brother) wrote about the releases of several wrestlers from WWE. Here are highlights:

On the pros and cons of being released: “I’d like to offer my perspective on this week’s spring cleaning efforts by WWE. It’s never pleasant for anyone to be fired, especially from their dream job. Sure, many in the internet wrestling community will condemn WWE for their booking, politics or choices of who was fired and I know from a creative perspective many of these talents will have much more creative freedom now that they are available on the independent circuit. But the negative is that with WWE being the only viable game in town right now, the ability to make a living will be much harder without job security.”

On Brodus Clay: ” I take great pride in the fact that Brodus originally opted for my Cambridge based school to begin his journey in the business. I have long since thought WWE officials missed BIG on Brodus Clay. In an era where the only super heavyweights on the roster include the 42 year old Big Show, the 41 year old Great Khali, the 47 year old Kane and the 43 year old Mark Henry that surely the 33 year old much healthier and much-more agile Brodus Clay could have been a tremendous asset in the WWE for years to come. But much like other stars of the past such as Junkyard Dog, Akeem, Dude Love and Rikishi, rather than promote Brodus as the monster he was, he was converted into a dancing fool for the kids. For a man that was at one time the personal bodyguard to Snoop Dogg who is one of the most prolific gangster rappers on the planet, promoting this monster should have come with relative ease. Brodus whose real name is George Murdoch is destined for greatness in Japan.”

On Camacho: “This one was shocking if for no other reason than he had recently been given a push in NXT. Although his tenure in WWE was lackluster as the bodyguard for a man primarily perceived as an enhancement talent, he is the son of WWE legend Haku and perhaps like many second generation stars could have been given a better look. One Idea I had was that considering his father’s 2001 return to the WWE came as the tag team partner of Rikishi, he could have been an often 3rd man in the corner of the Uso’s themselves 2nd generation sons of Rikishi. The two families have a long-storied history. With his release, I foresee Camacho ending up in New Japan tag teaming with his younger brother Tama Tonga. For those that have yet to see Tama in action, he is himself a tremendously talented young man. Perhaps the 2 may someday return to WWE in the future as a tag team.”

On Evan Bourne: “This one was the most shocking to me. Evan was one of the most gifted high flyers WWE has ever had. I remember speaking with Evan at Wrestlemania 26, he also was competing in Money in the Bank that year and I suggested to him about using his patented shooting star press off the ladder. He in fact did that evening and I’d argue that was the highlight of that match. I can`t speak for the current health of Evan Bourne, but I would venture that with talent like Cesaro,Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose dominating in WWE, it`s almost a shame to think of all the matches that won’t be able to happen now. I’ve always though Evan Bourne vs. Antonio Cesaro could have been great for business. Recently I suggested that perhaps he and Tyson Kidd could have formulated a new tag team that could have added a new dimension to the current tag team ranks. Evan Bourne will have no trouble whatsoever finding himself another job in wrestling. I will even make the bold prediction that he will make a surprise appearance at next week`s Ring of Honor pay per view.”