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Smash This Podcast | WWE No Mercy 2017 Review 3 views 0 0 SHARE

Giving my thoughts on last night’s action at WWE No Mercy. Thanks for watching. Ring the bell for notifications and make sure to subscribe here. 

Ramblin’ About Wrestlin – EP 124 – No Mercy Predictions!

Tonight, we give you our predictions for this Sunday’s No Mercy on #WWENetwork Subscribe & Share with your friends!

The Sidebar – EP 17 – RIP Bobby Heenan

Tonight, we discuss the recent passing of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Hogan, Paige’s possible #WWE return & more!

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Wrestling With…(Ep.26): Shine On You Crazy Bastard

In this week’s explosive Wrestling With My Wife, Sam and Adam discuss the power of a promo, what No Mercy looks like as of this taping, and give props to the Evil Genius himself, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

After the wrestling talk, Adam decides there’s great comedic fodder in triggering Sam…a move he immediately regrets. The Diabolical Duo also tackle some of the ridiculous Hollywood conspiracy theories floating around the internet.

As always, listener discretion and a strong sense of humor is advised.

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JLW Podcast #71 – Self Evaluation, VKM/KO Segment

Welcome to Episode 71 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh talks about the following topics.

– Performance/Personal Evaluation. (Very Deep Conversation)

– Audio Recap of the WWE Mae Young Classic


– WWE RAW Anaheim Thoughts. Cena/Reigns PromoMania, Braun/Brock, the red brand gaining steady momentum.

– Sin City SmackDown Live Review

Thank you guys and girls so much for checking out this weeks podcast.

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Smash This Podcast | Mae Young Classic – Road To The Finals Review

Jaybone’s thoughts on the special leading up to the finals on Tuesday night after Smackdown Live on the WWE Network. Also thoughts on what will all happen at the Finals of the Mae Young Classic! Thanks for watching!

Wrestling With…(Ep.25): Big Dawg Bustin’

This week on a massively combative Wrestling With…, Sam and Adam spend the show agreeing to disagree on damn near every topic presented. The Diabolical Duo debate Baron Corbin rumors, Nikki Bella’s marketability, Cena v. Reigns’ Snap Battle Part 2, Sasha’s shoot, and much more.

As always, listener discretion and a strong sense of humor are advised.

Smash This Podcast | Jarrett Steps Away From GFW & More!

Discussing Jarrett stepping away from GFW, TripleMania Fallout with Sexy Star and also touching on the current situation on GFW’s Future.

JLW Podcast #70 – Predictions For WWE Fall Season, Labor Day RAW

Welcome to Episode 70 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast.

Josh talks about the following topics

– 10 Fantasy Booking Options for the WWE Fall Season for both RAW and SmackDown Live


– Josh express his gratitude for the Mae Young Classic. Why Josh loves covering tournaments?

– Labor Day RAW Thoughts, Plus the build to No Mercy

– SD Live Review, VINNY Mac is back next week. Sin City SmackDown Preview Thank you guys so much for checking out this weeks podcast.

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Where Are They Now – Santino Marella

WWE caught up with Santino Marella at his gym in Mississauga Ontario, Battle Arts Academy.

I am showcasing this video just because Battle Arts along with Anthony and Yuki, have truly changed me this last year I’ve been training under them. I never understood the term “respect your dojo” until I actually started at Battle Arts. It’s a place where the stresses of your everyday life can be put on hold the moment you step foot on the mat or ring. It’s a place that means a lot to me being a student there and frankly I always love seeing the deserved attention it gets.